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My Very First Post

December 31, 2019

albert at sf

Hi, I am Albert(Wentao) LI, and this is my first blog.

Instead of dumping my past moments into twitter or wechat, I decide why not to write blog; I mean, it did sound old-fashioned. But at least it could help me some sometime like in the next job interview, maybe, I never know.

I cannot guarantee all my blog are tech-related or even life-related only, but at least I can try my best to remain humorous and positive while mentioning a little tech or life if there were any. Like, I build this blog website with the help an amazing framework called Gatsby alone with React and GraphQL in hours. And you can find a sample blog over here if interested. By so far it is still very simple but I assumed it is an good starting point. Latter, I would try some additional features that we could achieve out of Gatsby.

In real life, I am also a poor father of two cats, Levi and Edward. Obviously, I loved my kids so much and I used levi’s selfie as my github avatar. Hahaha, yeah it is a selfie! Occasionally, hope not to many times, u know they are so cute I just cannot help, I would share some pics or clips of my two naughty boys. Just a cute advance warning, be aware of cats in following blog.

Levi Edward
levi 1 edward 1

Thanks for reading and hope we could meet soon or not too soon.

ps: clearly, I am also an old fan of matrix films, so hope the background canvas did not bother u to much…


Written by @albertli90 who currently lives and works behind GFW building useful things.